Amps & Processors

Bag End Amplifiers and processors provide both digital and analog capability specifically dedicated to many of our loudspeakers models. Most systems are available in either self powered or passive configuration.

Amps & Processors

• Amplifier for Internal Use in Self Powered Loudspeaker Systems
• High Efficiency, Low Weight, Low Heat
• Power Factor Corrected Universal Voltage Mains
• Ingenious Balance Line Receiver and Built in Dynamics Protection

• Digital Loudspeaker System Processor
• 2 x 6 Two Inputs, Six Outputs
• Pre programmed settings for Bag End Loudspeakers
• Open for Additional User Defined Settings

Kairos-KS26 Users Manual

• Infra Dual Integrator Analog Bass Processor
• Stereo In, Mono Sum Bass Output, Stereo Hi Pass Output
• Dynamic Filter Overload Protection
• Single Space Rack Mount