David Prater – Record Producer

David Prater - Record Producer, Dream Theater, Santana, Bag End S12-BRenowned multi-platinum selling record producer and musician, David Prater, gave Bag End a call recently. David said, “I am still impressed with my Bag End S12-B loudspeaker after thirty years of use”. David spoke extensively about the Bag End sound. Above all, he shared that many of the records that he is known for, feature the sound of Bag End.

Bag End s12-B Loudspeaker

The S12-B was critically important for his legendary work with Dream Theater’s guitar virtuoso John Petrucci. David produced their Atco East/West Records, international, multi-platinum breakout album “Images & Words”. During that same time period, he also used the Bag End S12-B for his work with Bill Leverty from Firehouse. He produced Firehouse’s two multi-platinum records for Epic. The S12-B was also used on former Ratt lead singer, Stephen Pearcey’s, debut project “Arcade”. This was also on Epic Records. On enumerable occasions, David said guitar players would bring in their favorite 4 x 12” speaker cabinets. They would then abandon them once he demonstrated the advantage that would be attained by letting them use the S12-B. Prater uses the S12-B for a wide variety of applications. For example, reamping bass guitar tracks because of it’s tight and focused imaging.

Dream Theater Album Cover, David Prater, Producer, Bag End S12-B

Dream Theater’s “Images and Words”, produced by David Prater

Ratt lead singer Stephen Pearcey on Arcade, produced by David Prater

Ratt’s “Arcade”, produced by David Prater

Bag End s12-b, guitar cabinet