Permanent Installation

Bag End offers a wide range of point source and low frequency loudspeaker products that have been optimized for installations

We support system designers and consultants and are constantly improving the features and options allowing ever more seamless integration of our loudspeaker systems to meet each venues specific needs. If the standard model will not fit we routinely custom adapt our designs to fit the application and space available.

All our installation full range systems include mounting/fly points universally installed to allow for a multitude of installations options. Our subwoofers typically come without fly points for floor installation but they are all optionally available with fly points.

With mounting/Flypoints located on the center of gravity our systems mount or fly in balance with less stress on rigging and allowing perfect balance for easier aiming.

A wide range of system sizes and dimensions coordinate to work together allow for easy physical and cosmetic integration into the aesthetics and architecture of the space.

Waterproof treatment, various cosmetic finishes, 70/100 volt operation, passive or self powered and our famous low profile subwoofers are just a few of the many installation oriented options we specialize in.

Ranging from small fill speakers to studio monitors to mid and high output PA systems, our installation products utilize Timeless Bag End Technology including Time-Align constant coverage crossovers and Infrasub extended low frequency subwoofers.

From background music systems at Pottery Barn Retail Stores to The Blast Off theater at the Johnson Space Center to Madison Square Garden’s 64 subwoofers, Bag End has a solution for almost any application.


Permanent Installation