Pastel Painting Preservation

Pastel Painting Preservation Research Project, Bag End Subwoofer

Pastel Painting Preservation Research Project, Bag End Subwoofer

ISUB-12 & ISUB-18

Home Theater and Studio, 5.1 Bass Management, ISUB-12 & ISUB-18 Powered Subwoofer Systems As seen in Widescreen Review Magazine

Nebula Series Musical Instrument Loudspeakers

Check out the whole series… After 25 years our Bass Instrument series has undergone a significant change. The Deep Red... Read More

LaRoche Baseball Complex, Fort Scott, Kansas

MLB’s Adam LaRoche On March 15, 2016 MLB’s Adam LaRoche, White Sox veteran first baseman, announced his decision to leave... Read More

Can new technologies help save these forgotten giants?

Giraffe Research Project in Samburu, Kenya Giraffes have walked the earth for at least a million years and are disappearing... Read More

DoubleTree Hilton New York – Times Square West

Between 8th and 9th – Theater District, Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West               DoubleTree Hilton... Read More

Record Producer & Musician David Prater

S12-B Bag End recently received a call from renowned multi-platinum selling record producer & musician David Prater. After 30 years... Read More