Studio Sub2-12C Subwoofer


The SUBWOOFER PROS Studio Sub2-12C is a “universal” sub used for bass extension of any studio monitor.  It is sealed and self-powered, offering bass extension to 16Hz.  It has a compact cabinet using a 12” high excursion sub driver with an easy to use control set.  It has built in Left/Right XLR summing inputs and a low pass filter at 4 different frequencies of 95Hz, 80Hz, 60Hz, and 40Hz.  The different low pass frequencies make it adaptable to various size “main” speakers.


The Studio Sub2-12C is different from other subs because it specializes in output below 95Hz, the range which meter bridge monitors are generally not good at.  The sealed cabinet with a linear response sonically outperforms subs that make use of ports, transmission lines, passive radiators or other “boost” technology.  These boost methods create the sonic impression of bass up around 75-85 Hz but actually suffer a severe roll off after the boost.  These boost methods make it more difficult to get proper translation between studio and outside world.


The Studio Sub2-12C’s compact size allows placement on speaker stands, under consoles, or in locations where larger subs won’t fit.  The Studio Sub2-12C is ideal for multiple sub applications where 3 or 4 subs are used to achieve evenly distributed low end in very small rooms by locating them on different walls.  This multiple sub approach at lower SPL can significantly outperform a single higher SPL sub that generates fewer but higher intensity room modes or nulls.  The modest price, universal fit, and flexible nature of the Studio Sub2-12C makes it an ideal way to start with one or two and grow your sub system over time.



  • 12″ High Excursion EL-12B driver
  • Switchable Low Pass Filter: 95Hz, 80Hz, 60Hz, 40Hz
  • Low Frequency Limit: 16Hz
  • 700w Max Continuous Amp Power
  • Max SPL: 100dB SPL @ 1 meter @ 40Hz
  • 2x XLR Input, summing
  • Compact Cabinet: 15.5” x 18” x 15”
  • Weight: 40.5 lbs
  • Made in The USA


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