The Nebula Series

Bag End Nebula Series showing some of the 10" series
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After 25 years our Bass Instrument series has undergone a significant change. In short, the Nebula Series replaced the Deep Red Series. Deep Red enjoyed the longest consistent manufacturing time of any bass instrument loudspeaker ever made. Now the Nebula Series, our super systems, have arrived.

Acoustical, functional and cosmetic designs from the earliest models to the current models are compatible with Nebula. Many models are similar to our long standing designs and some are entirely new. The Nebula finish is a super durable very dark purple, almost black under stage light. In addition, they are lighter, stronger and optionally self powered. To sum up, the Nebula speakers have combined all we have learned over the years. Resulting in a most powerful, durable and beautiful package manufactured for a lifetime.

The Bag End Musical Instrument System incorporates modern driver technology coupled with state of the art cabinet construction and timeless designs. Some innovative designs were first introduced in the 1970’s and have become legendary vintage standards. These have evolved slightly over the years but fundamentally remain the same. Later models offer newer variety for different taste and for newer instrument types such as the Chapman Stick. For over 40 years all our cabinets have been built around basic standard dimensions. This modular design allows for the combination of older cabinets and newer cabinets. Most musicians with Bag End cabinets keep them for life.

Multicabinet configuration examples.