Northbridge Church Installation

Bag End Installs New Sound System at Northbridge Church!

Antioch, IL

Bag End Opal2's in the Northbridge Church in Antioch

After fifteen years of worshiping at Antioch Community High School, Northbridge Church is excited to finally have a home of it’s own! The public is invited to come see the new facility and enjoy a service of worship, celebration and amazing sound.

Certainly, the new building required a new sound system. Bag End worked with Northbridge to choose and install their new sound system.

To the left are three of the six powered Crystal’s, arrayed and being hoisted into position.

Shown below are Eight Bag End D12’s with Infra MXB processor, four TA6000’s, and two CDS-218’s.


Bag End speaker assortment used at the Northbridge Church in Antioch






Bag End D12s, CDS-218s, TA6000s and Crystals are installed at NorthbridgeLead Pastor, Mark Albrecht was attempting to answer two questions. The answers led him to the creation of Northbridge church.

First question: Why are young adults disappearing from the church across America in such large numbers? Mark wondered what a church would look like if it set out to creatively and intentionally reach out to young adults who were disinterested in church.

Second question: Why does the church in America seem to have so little impact upon the prevailing culture? This troubling concern drove Mark to imagine a community of people who discovered the truths of Christianity. Moreover, he envisioned this community growing to maturity in Jesus Christ together.

Mark, the Pastor of Disaster, as he is affectionately nicknamed, was on to something. He imagined a community of people who regularly engaged in deep reflection about the teachings of the Bible. He saw the application of  its principles being applied to the vexing cultural challenges we face in our complicated world today. Also, he began to envision the local community being genuinely thankful for this new church. As a result, if the people of God selflessly served the community, the community would actually change because of the impact of the church!