American River College

The American River College Music Department is a premier learning community that transforms and enriches people’s lives. The college provides students with a foundation in music theory, history, performance, and production; a core curriculum that is essential to the professional life of the musician. Students may select between two degree tracks: A.A. in Music or A.A. in Jazz Studies. Each track will have an emphasis of either – Instrumental or Vocal.

The Commercial Music Program at American River College is designed to prepare those who are seeking an exciting and rewarding career in the music industry. Students have the opportunity to learn from industry professionals, while earning A.A.Degrees and Certificates in either Recording or Music Business(Visit the Commercial Music Site)

Bag End loudspeakers used at the college: Lecture room: TA6000, TA2000, SE18-C, ELF1, TA12, INFRA 12   Live classes: TA2000, ELF2, SE18-C