Bag End In Retail

Retail space has become more and more of an engineered environment. Retailers are looking to create a feel and space that people want to come into and enjoy. As storefront retailers compete with online shopping, it is the environment that must lure shoppers in and make them want to stay. The acoustics of the space and the sound in the space have become more and more important to the overall experience.

Bag End in Retail

Bag End’s bass speaker systems are uniquely suited to this environment. Most often the goal here is low key, low volume music that feels right and does not draw too much attention to itself. Music selection, while important, is only half the story. Bass is the other half. Good bass at low volume can make the space feel right with out interfering with speech. With the right set up the customers and staff can easily communicate. Turning up the level in ordinary systems makes the sound a main focus and this can feel wrong in a retail setting. Good sounding bass allows the system to feel more powerful at a low volume.

The Bag End INFRASUB system is the only subwoofer technology that plays soft and still sounds strong. The unique patented Dual Integrator process extends the bass down below the range of human hearing. The system sounds powerful and pleasant at low listening levels. Many Pottery Barn, West Elm and Erehwon retail environments have found the secret of Bag End bass and use it to enhance the feel of their retail space.