Eric Chun

The Great Wall .... of Bag End... All 48 of them.. THE TA series.. powered and non... !!! With Tim Elson, Alexander Borges, and Ryan Goodpastor.. Thanks to the Gomez Center of Auburn, Ca !!Eric Chun (left) shown with the Great Wall …. of Bag End… All 48 of them. The TA series.. powered and non… !!! Pictured here with (left to right) Tim Elson, Alexander Borges, and Percussionist and Live Audio Engineer, Ryan Goodpastor.

Performer, producer, educator, writer and consultant Eric Chun is also the owner and operator of Creative Music Services (CMS). CMS is Northern California’s leading music industry and production business. Eric is the founder of Sac Valley Music Industry Forum, now in it’s 5th season and the founder of the Commercial Music Degree program at American River College (ARC), now in its 28th year. He is on the State Board of Directors of California Lawyers for the Arts, and also the Board of Directors of N focus Entertainment in Orange County.