Goda Firkins Auditorium

Goda Firkins Auditorium, Saint Stephen’s College, Australia

Goda Firkins has a new sound reinforcement system in it’s multipurpose auditorium. The auditorium is located at Saint Stephen’s College on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Moreover, Clair Brothers Australia supplied and installed the system.

Clair Brothers installed two R2D-94 active two-way full range cabinets, flown. Followed by two CS18-II subwoofers which were built into the stage at floor level. In addition, two Clair Brothers R2T full range speakers were installed. One I/O DSP speaker, two-in-six out . Two Bag End monitors and a Yamaha LS9 audio console were added to finish it off.

‘I believe Clair Brothers to be the best in professional audio. Most importantly, Wayne Grosser, managing director of Clair Brothers Australia, was able to work with me to get the best possible outcome within my budget,’ said event coordinator Tony Marchall. ‘Goda Firkins Auditorium is a multi-purpose venue. For example, the auditorium can be used for choirs, string quartets, drama performances, funk band rehearsals and seminars. This Clair Brothers system has got it all covered,’ he asserted.

‘Finding time to get into the room proved to be a challenge. However, the installation went very smoothly and was completed in just five days. The new system has definitely improved the facility, in short, the client is very happy. Previously the room had dead spots. Due to the speaker configuration it was difficult to get a good overall sound, particularly with the varied range of performances.

‘Parents at private colleges are very critical about how their children sound during a performance. (It is always the system and the operators that are at fault, never the ability of the  performers!) I have had nothing but good feedback about the sound. The improvement was stunning,’ he enthused.

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