Kevin Goldman

Kevin Goldman is the Bassist for, Seattle, Washington-based music group, Maktub.  The group combines elements of hip-hop, rhythm and blues, soul, and funk, with a sprinkling of jazz and rock.

Maktub was formed in 1996 when Davis Martin called Reggie Watts, a student at the Cornish College, to come jam with Kevin Goldman, Alex Veley, and himself. After only 5 minutes of jamming, the band hit it off, and by day’s end wrote their first song. After realizing their potential, the four planned to commit to each other, calling themselves “Maktub”. According to their website Maktub is an Arabic word that Reggie got from Paulo Coelho’s novel The Alchemist, which translates to, “it is written”, or, “destiny”.

Maktub Releases

In August 1999, the band released their first album, Subtle Ways. There was an immediate response as the album hit number one on KCMU. After that it hit number one on the soul and urban charts at Subsequently it earned them “Best R&B Album” at the Northwest Music Awards”.

In 2000, the group added a new sound to their music by recruiting Thaddeus Turner on guitar and Daniel Spils as their new keyboard player. Alex Veley left to explore other opportunities. In 2001 they recorded Khronos in only two weeks. A year later (2002), after selling more than 20,000 copies, Velour Music in New York City took notice of their success and re-released Khronos nationally. With this new national recognition, they embarked on a six-month tour in 2003, traveling all around the United States. Upon their return to Seattle, they begin to write new songs and record new demos.

In 2004, they recorded their third album, Say What You Mean. The album was released in April, 2005 and was followed by a three-month tour around the continental United States.

2007 saw the anticipated release of Start It Over. This album marked a new trend in the band’s deeper interaction with its followers. It was funded by the members of their fan club, M.A.R.C. 7.