LaRoche Baseball Complex, Fort Scott, Kansas

MLB’s Adam LaRoche

On March 15, 2016 Adam LaRoche, White Sox veteran first baseman, announced his decision to leave Major League Baseball.

Just a year earlier Adam LaRoche, White Sox designated hitter, gave back to his hometown with a brand new sports facility. The LaRoche Baseball Complex boasts a 1,200-seat stadium, indoor batting cage and clubhouse. The White Sox 2015 opening day was against the Royals in Kansas City, with the following day scheduled off. LaRoche made his way back to his hometown, about 90 miles from Kansas City, to attend the Fort Scott Tiger’s opening day event at the brand new facility.

Sound equipment was specified and installed by Utopian Systems of Joplin, Missouri. The equipment used: 8 – Bag End Venus CD-15 waterproof, 8 – Bag End CD-15 with yoke, 12 – Bag End TA80-IY-CUS, 8 – Bag End TA80-IY, and a Bag End Kairos-KS26 processor.

Bag End Speaker System Installed at the new LaRouche StadiumBag End Speakers installed in the new LaRouche Stadium's Locker rooms

His old high school shared a field with a community college and had a batting cage at its gym on campus for practice. It was difficult to share facilities with the college. LaRoche fronted the money for this $2.5 million facility and two years time in the details of the project.

The facility can seat close to 3,500 including the grass viewing sections. Tournaments and concerts can be held here helping the whole community.

The outfield fence displays the sponsors that made this all happen.