Mi Casa Multimedia, Hollywood, CA

Bag End Finds a Home at Mi Casa Multimedia, Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA – Mi Casa Multimedia, specialists in mixing and remastering movies for DVD release, has outfitted its largest suite, Studio A, with a Bag End powered double-18-inch subwoofer.

Founded in 1997 by producer/engineer/synthesist Robert Margouleff and musician/engineer Brant Biles, Mi Casa’s three studios are located in a 1920s-era house in the Hollywood Hills. There, Mi Casa produces audio for a full range of DVD projects from restoring original soundtracks for movies to providing remixed finished surround sound for such supplemental materials as deleted scenes, commentaries, documentaries, games and menus.

When Mi Casa began having power issues with its existing subwoofer, Biles, who had become familiar with Bag End Loudspeaker Systems, approached acoustics expert and consultant Bob Hodas about changing out the existing subwoofer for a Bag End powered double-18 sub (PD18E-I) linked to an Infra-MXB processor.

“This worked well right from he installation,” says Biles. “It integrate will with the existing speakers, and best of all, it was able to reproduce a lower octave than the previous unit.”

The PD18E-I reportedly offers a flat response down to 8 Hz when used with the Bag End Infra-MXB 8 Hertz integrator, which was specifically designed for recording studios, mastering and other critical listening applications. The extension of the PD18E-I was deemed superior to the previous speaker, and could handle the sound levels required by Mi Casa’s Biles. He was now able to hear and identify problems in the mixing process before they went out on the final DVDs.

In addition, Mi Casa did not have a lot of space options available for another sub, and the compact (43 inches high by 22 inches wide by 18 inches deep) Bag End double-18 fit under the studio’s large viewing screen.

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