Mixed Emotions Music

A Boston Recording Studio

Mixed Emotions Music is a full-service recording, mixing and production studio. From master preparation, artist development, and building custom tracks to your vocal ideas. Their work has repeatedly hit the Billboard charts but they also support the regional and local music community.

Mixed Emotions Studio uses Bag End Time Align speakers with the Elf Infra-MXB Processor.

Owner, recording engineer and producer, Kenny Lewis said.” I love my Bag End studio monitors. I am using the MM8’s with the D10E-I subwoofer. I have found them to be very true to the real world, unlike some studio monitors. I first became aware of the Bag End product while mixing FOH for a blue grass band. I was always impressed with how precise the speakers were from the top end to the sub. I tried a demo set of the MM8’s in my studio and they never left. I have mixed everything from Heavy Metal and R+B to blue grass and acoustic music. My monitors never let me down!! Thanks for making such a great product!!”

Recent projects:

Michael Carabello “Thoughts” featuring Carlos Santana – Mix Engineer
Melba Moore “New Release” – Mastered
Michael Sweet, Stryper “Iconic” -Tracking Engineer
Freddie Jackson “Transitions” -Mix Engineer
Stryper “Reborn” -Co-Producer/Engineer
Kip Winger, La Guns, Alias, Great White, Jani Lane, and Slaughter
Metal Mania -Mix Engineer
Vassar Clements “Northern Lights” -Co-Producer/Engineer
Jake Armerding -Mix Engineer
Marion Meadows “Romantica” -Mix Engineer
Andre Ward -Mix Engineer
Stephen Pearcy “Stripped” -Mix and Tracking Engineer
formerly of Ratt
Stryper Reborn Tour -FOH Engineer
Stryper 7 Tour -FOH Engineer