Bag End’s M-6 Nearfield Monitor

Now Available in Self-Powered Version

“We are really excited to add the PM-6 to our product line,” said James P. Wischmeyer, president of Bag End. “The PM-6 provides accurate, high quality monitoring capability for mastering in critical listening environments at a price point suitable for home studios.”

The PM-6 carries the further distinction of being self-powered, thanks to a built-in 100 watt internal amplifier that weighs just 1/2 lb. The PM-6 is a very compact package, measuring just 14 inches high by nine inches high by nine inches deep. It is loaded with a six-inch high performance coaxial driver with a one-inch coaxially mounted neodymium magnet, soft dome tweeter and weighs just 18 1/2 lbs.

“Designed to be used in the near field, the flat response in both the frequency and time domain of the PM-6 insure accurate reproduction of the audio signal to the listener position,” Wischmeyer said. “It gives the mixing engineer an uncompromising window into the actual content of the recording.”

The PM-6 is an excellent choice for broadcast, recording studio, and post production monitoring applications.

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