Riviera Theater and Performing Arts Center

Tonawanda, NY

Riviera Theater, Tonawanda, NT with Bag End D18E-I and TA-6000

The Riviera Theatre is listed on the National and New York State Register of Historic Places. This theatre is a historic, 1140 seat entertainment venue in North Tonawanda, New York. The Riviera currently hosts a multitude of performing arts events per year, including live concerts, theatre, dance shows, and movies.

The Riviera Theatre, built in 1926, has been painstakingly restored to its original glory.

FOH Speakers: EAW KF300
Speakers for Orchestra Level: EAW KF360
Speakers for Balcony Level: Bag End D18E-I ELF Subwoofers (in orchestra pit),
Bag End TA-6000 (center fill)
Under Balcony Fill: JBL Control 25
Upper Balcony: JBL Control 29

Main Concert Events: 6 per side RCF HDL-30 w/2- 2×18″ Bag End ELF subs