Robert Baglione

Chicago based musician, Robert Baglione, is a guitarist, producer and instructor. Robert’s versatility allows him to span many musical platforms including studio, theater, freelance (clubs/concerts) & corporate.  He is also proficient in many styles of music from Jazz, Funk, Fusion, and Rock to Pop, Neo Soul, and Ethnic.  Ethnic styles include Flamenco, Greek, Irish and Jewish. Baglione is from the Northeast Friuli Region of Italy. His influences came at an early age, his father and mother were both in the arts. In addition, his brother played in the Drum Corp in middle school and various rock bands in high school. They would frequently rehearse at the house, jamming out Beatles and R&B tunes.

The Electric Guitar

Robert was attracted to the Electric Guitar at an early age, receiving his first instrument at 13. At sixteen, he had a chance to join a well established horn band, covering Chicago, B S & T, Tower of Power, Santana and the James Gang…. Playing with professional musicians on the Chicago music scene, 10 years his senior, was a challenge and a tremendous learning experience. The bands would have to keep him out of sight on breaks in the local Chicago clubs because of being under age.

Always Attracted to Jazz

Robert’s first instructor in college was Local Jazz Guitarist, Stu Pierce, who also taught “guitarist” Terry Kath of “Chicago”. During the 70’s and 80’s, he played clubs, concerts and toured the country including living and playing in Hawaii with various bands. Lessons and studies never stopped through the years. Other teachers include: Joe DiorioTed GreenScott HendersonSid Jacobs & Mike O’Neill.

Baglione’s Bag End Loudspeakers include the S12 M Cabinets, E Series 12″ Speakers and Red Rock 12″ Speakers. Studio Application-Modified S12B Cabinets with Vintage L-Tech Lansing Drivers. Robert  Baglione has been a Bag End customer for 30 years.