Bass Player Soundroom

Bass Player Award: Best Built

The S12-D does not have a tweeter, and is also equipped with the smallest port – a 1 3/4″ diameter hole in the center of the rear panel. Dig that heavy duty hardware: Bag End secures its speakers with husky solid-aluminum clamps and huge 5/16″ stainless steel Allen-head bolts. The jack panel is etched aluminum. The S12-D balances perfectly from either of its two spring-loaded side-mounted handles. The second handler is helpful when you’re maneuvering the cabinet into a car trunk.

The S12-D isn’t the deepest-sounding 1×12, but its quick and biting attack carries an authoritative presence. Punchy fingerstyle transients pop out of the small enclosure with a sense of immediacy, and it also sounds grindy and focused with a pick. The little Bag End has surprising treble extension considering it doesn’t have a tweeter. Its lower-treble edge enhances fingerstyle articulation, but it’s not quite sparkly enough for the sweeter slap tones. Best suited for 4-string duty, the S12-D’s strong midrange emphasis and excellent dynamic response makes it a good choice for players seeking an articulate and snappy tone.

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