United Nations

International Policy Organization

United Nations uses Bag End Subwoofers for perfect sound

VCA (Video Corporation of America) is a global technology integrator. VGA was selected to install a variety of AV products into the large remodeled meeting space of the United Nations. This room is extremely vital to operations due to its deliberative, policymaking and representative nature. Heads of state routinely meet in this space, countless news outlets broadcast these meetings around the world.

The VGA installation provides this organization with a sophisticated system. This system delivers the critical conferencing, interpretation, and broadcast features they require.

The Project

Because of the historical nature of the room, the remodel was done to preserve the original look of the space. To the naked eye it appears almost identical to how it looked prior to the renovation. The layout of the room includes approximately 500 delegate microphone seats, and an additional 1500 listen-only seats.The project required the integrated systems to support the organization’s campus wide systems; and also provide feeds to major news outlets. This was accomplished via leveraging both broadcast and professional audio-video technology solutions to work as one.

Bag End Subwoofers Chosen for Sound Re-enforcement

The United Nations audio systems contain products from QSC Q-sys, Yamaha CL-series used for mixing, processing and video conferencing, Taiden HCS 8300-series for Congress Microphone and Simultaneous Interpretation, Renkus-Heinz ICII-R steerable arrays and Bag End subwoofers for room sound re-enforcement. The Purelink PM-series routers provided transport and stereo audio feeds into QSC. QSC and Taiden are redundantly linked via analog and AES audio while QSC and Yamaha are digitally linked directly via a 64×64 Dante™ audio transport bridge. QSC Q-sys campus wide audio network provides 16-channel program audio directly into the centralized broadcast router and embedded into the HD-SDI stream.