Riviera Theater and Performing Arts Center

TonaRiviera Theater, Tonawanda, NT with Bag End D18E-I and TA-6000wanda, NY

The Riviera Theater and performing arts center is listed on the National and New York State Register of Historic Places. The Riviera is a historic, 1140 seat, entertainment venue located in North Tonawanda, New York. The Theater currently hosts a multitude of performing arts events per year. For instance, live concerts, theater, dance shows, and movies. Most Importantly, it is the Home of the Mighty WurliTzer Organ.

The WurliTzer

The WurliTzer has over 3,000 individual pipes. Initially the organ was used to accompany silent films in the late-20’s. The world-renowned instrument has since provided more entertainment consistently, in its original setting, than most other theater organs, nationwide. Many top name artists have performed here. There have been hundreds of concerts over the past 35 years. The Riviera’s organ has also been acclaimed internationally by artist appearances from Europe, Australia, Britain and South America. Several popular organists played their ‘first’ public concert at the Riviera Theater. The organ has been televised on several occasions, and several commercial recordings have been made on it. Indeed the Riviera organ is well known here and abroad.

Built in 1926, the Riviera Theater has been painstakingly restored to its original glory.

FOH Speakers: EAW KF300
Speakers for Orchestra Level: EAW KF360
Speakers for Balcony Level: Bag End D18E-I ELF Subwoofers (in orchestra pit),
Bag End TA-6000 (center fill)
Under Balcony Fill: JBL Control 25
Upper Balcony: JBL Control 29

Main Concert Events: 6 per side RCF HDL-30 w/2- 2×18″ Bag End ELF subs