RPM Seafood

Chicago Riverfront Multiplex Loads Up On Bag End

RPM Seafood Riverview


Chicago, IL – Lettuce Entertain You has a new four-floor riverfront multiplex, the RPM Building. The RPM Building covers 11,000 square feet and is located on Clark Street at the River. More importantly, RPM Seafood, is the flagship restaurant, and glitzy new addition to this riverfront complex.

RPM Seafood is the final phase of this giant restaurant complex. The casual Pizzeria Portofino is located on the riverfront and opened its doors this past summer. In addition, the first floor houses the private event space, RPM Events, which debuted last fall. The RPM restaurants have a reputation among Chicago’s scenesters, and celebrities traveling from out of town. RPM Seafood which occupies the main floor and mezzanine of the building, continues that formula.

JT AV Corp., who has been working with Lettuce Entertain You for eleven years, truly understands their AV needs and vision. For this project, Tommy Gawenda of JT AV Corp. used a total of 70 TA80-IY and 8 TA100 Bag End Full Range Loudspeakers along with 16 D10E-I Bag End Subwoofers. This combination creates the amazing sound throughout the complex. With great sound and great food, anyone will be able to fully relish in the dining experience at RPM Seafood.