Statue of Liberty Museum

The New Statue of Liberty Museum

The Statue of liberty Museum and Bag End IPS10-E

The new Statue of Liberty Museum involves three main components: Accessibility, Education, and Sustainability. Further, the museum is made up of the Immersive Theater, the Engagement Gallery, and the Inspiration Gallery. Diversified Systems, Inc. was hired to work on the audio video system throughout the museum.

Steve Esposito, Diversified’s Design Engineer, commented on the Immersive Theater portion of this installation. He said: “This dramatic multimedia event brings visitors into the sweeping story of Constructing Liberty.” For example, visitors move through a series of three theatrical environments in this portion of the installation. Moreover, each environment creates an immersive atmosphere to experience a segment of the story.

The museum also brought in SH Acoustics a leading acoustic and audio consulting company out of Milford, Connecticut. SH Acoustics provided experience and technical expertise for the acoustic and audio needs of this new museum and its exhibits.

Statue of Liberty Torch, Bag End LoudspeakersA total of six Bag End IPS10E-SHV2 subwoofers were used in the three main Theaters of the Statue of Liberty Museum. These six speakers provide all the low-frequency delivery of content. “We chose these, as we usually do, because we needed to get the best performance in a shallow and customized cabinet form with on-board amplification and infra-sub processing all built-in” stated Steve Hass, CEO and Principal Consultant of SH Acoustics.

These compact powered infrasubs were able to fit the non-rectilinear (think, amoebas) theater shapes. The theater shapes had very tight constraints and radii to work around.