Ash Creek Baptist Church, Azle, TX

‘Let The Children Come to Me’

Only the best for Ash Creek Baptist Church, Azle, TX youth center

By Dawn Allcot

There’s a philosophy, at least among leaders of smart, growing churches, that focusing on children is the best path to growth. No amount of technology, outreach or monetary investments will change that. Children are the future. (Of course, this is true in any field, but few industries have the opportunity that churches do to begin reaching out to youngsters before they can even speak.)

Jesus said, “Let the Children Come to Me” (Mark 10:13-16 ESV), and today’s churches are doing just that, and calling on their local AV integrator’s for help. Although every church may take a different approach that reflects its individual vision and “DNA,” putting money into technology and outreach can help attract the next generation of churchgoers to ensure a church’s longevity and fulfill its savior’s request.

Although Ash Creek Baptist Church, Azle, TX (ACBC) has offered traditional worship for 135 years, it didn’t stop the leaders from building a contemporary worship space and youth center across the street from the traditional 500-seat sanctuary. They weren’t afraid to invest enough to do it right, either.

“When we talked about doing sound, video, lighting and IT systems totaling $250,000,” said Jeff McLeod, Managing Director for Church Audio Video of Grand Prairie, TX,  the AV design/build firm that completed the project, “I told the decision-makers at the church, “You realize you’re spending $1000 per seat, right?”

ACBC AV Media Tech Marcus Hapenstall was able to get budget approval because the church leaders understood just how important the technology is in creating a useful, contemporary worship space that would double as a youth center…

…The client required versatile AV systems that would provide srystal clear spoken word, amplified praise band music with bass that rivals a super club, and dynamic video and lighting systems to reinforce the message. A package that includes a Yamaha M7CL-48, a collection of TOA Electronics’ HX-5 variable-array speakers, Bag End subs and QSC amplifiers delivered on the audio side…

…One of the challenges for the design team was placing and tuning the speakers for the best dispersion while minimizing reverberation for clear spoken word. Church Audio Video installed five HX-5s, two on each side and one in the center, with the center boxes offering tighter dispersion to reach the sound booth at the front-of-house position. Integrator-designed custom subs, SB121is, provide low end down to 80Hz, while Bag End subs located in boxes encased in the front of the stage address subsonic frequencies. “It’s a very rich sound for contemporary worship,” McLeod said…

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