Beckman Auditorium, Caltech, Pasedena, CA

Beckman Auditorium at CaltechCaltech Beckman Auditorium Gets Big Sound with Bag End PD18E-AD

Pasadena, CA – The sound system of Beckman Auditorium of California Institute of Technology was recently upgraded with a new console, processors, mains, and lines. However, finding subwoofers to fit into the small space available near the stage was a problem. They chose the Bag End compact, 15-inch-high PD18E-AD self powered INFRA subwoofers, which fit comfortably in the front of the auditorium without interfering with the audience sight lines.

The PD18E-AD is designed to deliver extended low frequency audio reproduction, providing flat response down to 8 Hz when used together with the Bag End 8 Hz Infra Integrator. The low speaker height enables it to fit in tight vertical spaces where it can deliver full sound without being obtrusive.

Beckman Auditorium hosts events from presidential visits to lectures by legendary physicist Stephen Hawking, as well as the Institute’s own performing arts series, ranging from concerts, to theater and dance, to magic shows and children’s performances. It was essential for the subwoofers to be flexible enough to handle this diversity of demands.

“None of the other subs we looked at could provide the combination of compact size and high performance we needed,” says Caltech Senior Audio Technician Erick Ferguson. “Only minimal tuning was required to make the Bag End subs sound great,” he said.

Caltech, in Pasadena, California, is a leading technology and science university. The Bag End Minima One modular amplifier that provides the on-board power option in most Bag End loudspeakers licenses patented technology developed in part at Caltech.