Desert Springs Church, Chandler, AZ

With Bag End Speakers, Desert Springs Church Gets Concert Quality Sound

Lyle Vilhauer of Broadway Music, Inc. was asked to design and install a complete audiovisual system for the new church being built by Desert Springs Church in Chandler, Arizona. The requests of the church’s pastors Brad and Becky Davis were very simple: concert quality sound that would enhance their regular services but also enable them to bring in nationally-known artists and groups to perform without having to add more sound capability. Vilhauer brought in Jim Hall Acoustics Research of Nashville to help design the sound system for the 700-seat sanctuary. He specified Bag End loudspeakers for the project. For the sanctuary, he chose Bag End Crystal-I loudspeakers for their horizontal dispersion throughout the frequency spectrum, allied with Bag End TA6000 front downfill speakers. These were arranged in a split cluster configuration and flown above each side of the stage. Bag End’s famous subwoofers were selected to supply the solid low frequency sound and were located left, center and right across the stage area. A Bag End Infra-MX2 processor provided bass processing and system protection. Vilhauer completed the installation, working with volunteers from the church congregation. The first official church service in the new edifice was held on June 8, 2008, with the sound system performing virtually flawlessly, much to the delight of both pastors

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