Faith Christian Community Church, Anchorage, AK

Bag End PD18E-AD Installed at Alaskan Church

Anchorage Alaska – The Faith Christian Community Church in Anchorage upgraded its audio system, adding self-powered Bag End PD18E-AD subwoofers, installed by audio system designers Stark Raving Solutions.

The subwoofers the church was seeking had to support the music of the services without overwhelming it – a problem with earlier subwoofers – and also be low profile enough to fit unobtrusively beneath the lip of the sanctuary stage, where they would function as needed but not distract worshipers. The Bag End subs fulfilled the latter need particularly well- while original plans called for four subwoofers, the sound from the first two installed was found to sufficiently fill the space. “The lower frequencies, especially in church music, generate rich content that often gets lost,” noted Jeffrey Jones (CTS), Stark Raving Solutions’ audio engineer. “But with the Bag End PD18E-AD you get that low end support.” AC power circuits were installed and audio wires run from the Bag End Infra-MXB processor that supports the speakers allowing tuning of the system to begin immediately.

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