Martyrs’, Chicago, Illinois

Martyrs’: a much needed venue in this part of the city

In October of 1994,  a lease was signed for Martyrs’ in the old post office building at 3855 North Lincoln. The demolition went quickly, but there was no cash. Thankfully, through small loans from friends and family, we were able to keep the rent paid and buy some materials. Up to the day of the lease signing, there was still no name for the business plan. Martyrs’ was written on the plan, in reference to the leap of faith taken and jobs left to make this project and venue happen.

Bag End TA 15 wedges at martyrs music venueDespite the name, the business plan looked good enough for the SBA to loan us money to buy a sound system, pay our workers and get the doors open. I passed out tabletops to some artistic friends, who painted them with portraits of their favorite musicians. Since the name was Martyrs’, I told them they had to be dead musicians. Now, like a song that writes itself, there was a concept in place. Martyrs’ would be dedicated to the musicians who give their life to their art.

Great shows started happening immediately, and over the years, there have been many magical performances.


Bag End speakers used in this facility are:Bag End at Martyrs' music venue

  • F.O.H.
    Bag End ELF1 processor
    Bag End TA15
    8 – 18″ Bag End subwoofers
  • Monitors
    2 – Bag End AF1 for drum fill or side fill
    6 – TA15 wedges