Primorsky Oceanarium, Vladivostok, Russia

The Primorsky Oceanarium Research and Educational Center

The Primorsky Oceanarium, on Russky Island will have it’s grand opening in June of 2016. The Primorsky Oceanarium Research and Educational Center on Russky Island, built by the Far East Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, will become the largest of its kind in the world. Spreading over 30,000 square metres, it can house 15,000-18,000 specimens and some 500-600 species of living organisms. Bag End speakers were used in this sure to be a unique facility, including beautiful exhibits, interesting tours, educational programs, marine mammal shows, an opportunity to interact with dolphins, leisure areas all in a beautiful territory with a diverse landscape including parks, waterfalls, shops and cafes.

Primorsky OceanariumIn the Primorsky Oceanarium visitors will see large-scale exhibits reflecting concepts of the birth of the Universe, evolution of ocean life, modern diversity of life in fresh and sea waters. Most of these exhibits will be living exhibits with sound and light effects arising visitors’ feelings of diving into the sea world. Some of these exhibits are: Origin of Life, Sea Life of Early Paleozoic Era, Vertebrate Evolution in Ocean, Evolution of Amphibians and Reptiles, Living Today Relatives of Dinosaurs, Inhabitants of Sea Depths.


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