What is Time-Align?

What is Time-Align®?

Time-Align® assures that the fundamental and overtones of a complex, transient, acoustical signal are presented to the listener in the same relationship as the electrical signal at the input terminals of the loudspeaker. This is demonstrated graphically in the scope pictures of the sound of a hand clap.

The conventional loudspeaker spreads out the sound in time: when a rapid series of transients occur the results are blurring and lost detail. With Time Align, the sound of the hand clap is presented as a tight package of energy, with the same time relationship as the natural sound. This means that a rapid series of transients will be heard clearly.

True Time Alignment™ requires much more than just physically lining up the loudspeaker components. It requires consideration of the driver placement, driver delay and adjustment of the crossover delay parameters. This achieves the precise simultaneous acoustical arrival time of each driver throughout the crossover region.

Along with state of the art laboratory instruments, the proprietary Time Align generator, built by Ron Wickersham, is used in designing our loudspeaker systems. The Time Align generator is founded upon different underlying mathematical principals than are used in the more common Fourier based measurement equipment.

When comparing a genuine BAG END Time Aligned™ speaker system to any other, our additional design work is easy to hear and appreciate. The dramatic clarity, realism, and overall pleasant sound of our Time Aligned loudspeakers is noted throughout the world.

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