Kaiser Center for Total Health, Washington, D.C.

Bag End Speaker System in Kaiser Center for Total Health

Increasingly, healthcare and technology are becoming an inextricable pair. From the imaging systems in doctors’ offices to the secure back-office networks that transfer and store patient data. Medicine has become a digital proposition in the 21st century. As a result, medical service providers are measured by their technology as well as what it can accomplish. That’s the case at the Washington D.C.’s, Kaiser Center for Total Health. The Center is a 13,500-square-foot open-space. It sits adjacent to the company’s Capitol Hill Medical Center. Sophisticated AV systems are used, which are updatable via a LAN, to project media mastery.

The Technology

Kaiser used the very high tech, GestureTek, touchscreen interactive overlays. These overlays were programmed in such a way as to make interfacing with them as user friendly as possible.

“This sensitive space contains a lot of technology”, said Gary Barnes, Electrosonic’s project manager. As a result, the content that fills the screens and future content rides on a LAN that’s an extension of the Center’s main network, provided by Kaiser’s IT division.Kaiser Center for total health Bag End Speaker Systems
The highlight of the center is the interactive videowall. The center also contains two conference rooms that support video conferencing. In addition, there is an Orientation Theater which uses Low-profile ceiling speakers, two-way bookshelf speakers on either side of the screen, a Bag End Infra-MXB integrator as well as S10E-I subwoofer speaker systems.

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